restore your driver's license.

If you received a suspension letter, file a PennDOT appeal.
PennDOT sends you a letter every time a suspension is imposed. When you receive this letter, you have thirty days to file a PennDOT appeal. In most cases, filing a PennDOT appeal stops the suspension. That gives you time and get rid of it completely.

Figure out why PennDOT is suspending your license.
PennDOT provides you with this information in the restoration requirements letter.
You can get a restoration requirements letter from any PennDOT service center.

Then, clear up the suspensions.
Generally speaking, there are two types of suspensions: Indefinite and Term.

  • Indefinite Suspensions are imposed because you did not do something, like respond to a ticket or pay a fine. To get rid of indefinite suspensions, do whatever it is you did not do in the first place. But be careful. Paying a fine is the same thing as pleading guilty. You might be buying yourself a term suspension. Be certain the ticket does not have points or a suspension before you pay.

  • Most Term Suspensions are imposed because of convictions. The only way to get rid of such a term suspension is by getting rid of the conviction. This means you have to file an appeal of the underlying suspension. Generally you have thirty (30) days from the date of conviction to appeal. But appeals can be filed late if you have a good excuse.

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